OG Rotary has been very involved in the community and abroad since its inception in 1995.  Some of the local areas of service:
Little League Baseball, YMCA Youth Leagues, YMCA gym addition, OGHS gym expansion, chaperoning the OGHS homecoming dances, support the Ottawa Vol Fire Dept, spearhead funding for the Veterans Monument at the Courthouse, spearhead funding for the renovation of the Fired Dept. Monument, Donate dictionaries to all Putnam County third graders, donate books to the Putnam Co. Library and Family Justice Center, Provide computer system to Crime Victim Services Family room, volunteer at the annual Chamber Santa Parade and much more.


OG Rotary Club has adopted the Ottawa Memorial Park as a pet project by helping to maintain the facilites and encouraging and coordinating  continual improvement.  In 2007, the club had purchased a bridge that covers a small creek to enhance the park.  The club has helped place a mulch path through the park as well as stones surrounding the new bridge.  The club helped establish the brand new disc golf course and this will be highlighted this year at the Ottawa 175th Anniv Party at the Park.  OG Rotary is open to additional help to keep this pet project going.  Please contact Mike Burkholder (419-523-6713) if you have suggestions or would want to become involved.


Saturday May 3rd, 2008 OG Rotary had their first annual Spring Clean UP Day at the Park.  Many volunteers showed up to rake leaves, shovel debris, and pick up throughout the whole park.  That was followed by Phase II which focused on mulching around pine trees.  The Friends of the Park has partnered with OG Rotary to continually work on the park in 2009.

Future Park Projects being developed 

Volunteers are welcome!!

1. RE-mulch the walking trail.
2. Keep the disc golf course ready for play.
3. Arbor/Trellis at 11th Str. entrance for photo op's.
4. Flowers and landscaping throughout, especially at entrances.
5.  Build and finance another bridge for easier access throughout the park.