Rotary has developed four basic approaches for the expression of the Object of Rotary.
These are known as "Avenues of Service" and they are:

Club Service:  service to and within Ottawa-Glandorf Rotary; promoting
and strengthening the club, through attendance and fellowship, building and retaining membership; providing interesting programs; maintaining sgt. of arms duties; and maintaining club history for that year.

Vocational Service:  service in and through one's business or profession;
helping people find useful work by sponsoring career development programs;
maintaining the STRIVE Scholarship program at OGHS to better prepare students for employment and life; maintain various literacy programs; look to development a program in the elementary grades that promote service and character; acknowledging those who achieve excellence and uphold high ethical standards in their life.

Community Service:  service to Ottawa-Glandorf community; encouraging
members to undertake projects, individually and collectively, that will
improve the quality of life.  Maintain public relations and communications
for better community awareness, and look for fundraising opportunities to
maintain the endeavors of the club.

International Service:  development and maintenance of friendly and harmon-
ious international relations in our troubled world; promoting understanding,
and intelligent goodwill toward all  nations as an essential ingredient for
world peace.

ROTARY FOUNDATION:  An endowment fund was established by Rotarians in
in 1917 "for doing some good in the world."  It became a 501c3 know as the
Rotary Foundation in 1928.  Today, more than $70 million is given annually to
this fund to support a wide range of humanitarian grants and educational
programs that promote international understanding throughout the world.

OG Rotarians that are Paul Harris Fellows have donated over $1,000 or more to the Rotary International Foundation.  See our Membership page for our current Rotarian list.

Visit for more information on Donor Recognition in Rotary.

Thank you to these Rotarians and the other OG Rotarians that are currently Sustaining members on thier way to become Paul Harris Fellows.